The Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation Project (GEF grant of $ 3 million)…

… has been conceived to foster the integration of environmental issues into sectoral and development policies of Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories and Tunisia (Beneficiaries) and potentially of Algeria, Libya and Syria having the possibility to join the Project throughout its implementation on a rolling basis (potential Beneficiaries). The Project aims at achieving this objective via:

  • the production of innovative knowledge on environmental issues, with specific reference to water related issues (freshwater, coastal, and marine resources), and
  • the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. during which knowledge will be used to strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders at local, national, and regional level.

Plan Bleu is the implementing agency of the Project and is therefore responsible for managing the Project funds and all related financial transactions. The World Bank is the executing agency of the Project and responsible for project supervision.

The Project consists of three components:

  • Component 1 - Governance (US$1.5 million or 50 percent of Project costs) aims to promote dialogue, coordination, integration, and synergy among local, national, and regional stakeholders on environmental issues, with specific reference to water related topics (freshwater, coastal, and marine resources).
  • Component 2 - Knowledge generation (US$1.2 million or 40 percent of the Project costs) aims to produce innovative knowledge on environmental issues.
  • Component 3 - Project Coordination and Management (US$0.3 million or 10 percent of Project costs) supports the implementation of the Project by Plan Bleu, through the financing of incremental operating costs associated with Project coordination and management and the carrying out of the audits for the Project.

Given the demand-driven approach of the Project, Beneficiaries jointly identify the specific activities to be implemented under the Project taking into account national and regional priorities, through decisions made by the Project Steering Committee (PSC). The PSC is composed by one representative from the environment sector of each of the Beneficiaries. As the Project is financed by the GEF, the Beneficiaries’ representatives are designated by the GEF focal points in the countries. Plan Bleu will act as the secretariat of the PSC. As part of the Project supervision, the World Bank will attend the PSC meetings. The Beneficiaries can decide to invite to the meetings of the PSC partners as observers and may consider their advice in terms of activities to be implemented under the Project.

The Project Steering Committee, with the support of Plan Bleu, has set up a programmatic framework: A series of four work axis have been identified (observation, evaluation, regulation, participation) and one cross-cutting principle of action (green economy) has also been approved. The project Steering Committee has identified 15 activities to be implemented under the Project.

Key documents

NEW ! Final report

NEW ! Administrative completion report

NEW ! List of project activities

The Project Appraisal Document

The Project Implementation Manual


Key dates of the project

Project launch:
January 24th, 2012

Project declared effective:
March 29th, 2012

Project ending:
October 30th, 2015



GEF (Global Environment Facility)

World Bank