Green economy

The link between economy and environment is crucially needed to address the challenges that Mediterranean countries are meeting. In this context, the environment needs to be taken into account as an economic asset and as natural capital capable of attracting investments and of generating returns on investments. Thus, the integration of environmental issues into economic policies and the promotion and development of green growth strategies on a national and regional level, could help the Beneficiaries to create jobs, to fight against poverty and to create more social fairness and equity. This kind of integration of environmental issues into sectoral policies is in the heart of the Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation Project and will require regional cooperation and partnerships with other private and public stakeholders.

In fact, recent publications of several reports and studies on the topic of green economy underline that countries and important international institutions now consider green growth as a major concern for development. Among these publications are a report from UNEP (February 2011), a report from the EU/EC (March 2011), a report from the OECD (May 2011), a report from AFED (November 2011), a report from The World Bank (March 2012) and a report from the Center for Mediterranean Integration (May 2012).


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