Kick-off for industrial pollution abatement in West Bank’s stone and marble sector

The activity “Supporting industrial pollution abatement in West Bank” has been conceived to foster the integration of environmental issues into the SMI sector in West Bank by strengthening national capacities and practices for assessing environmental impacts of the Stone and Marble Industry (SMI) and adopting clean and sustainable production and pollution abatement technologies. The activity is being carried out by the consultant Ricardo-AEA.

During the activity’s inception meeting, which took place in the West Bank on 21st October 2014, different involved stakeholders (industry representatives, the Union for Stone and Marble, the Environmental Quality Authority and the consultant Ricardo-AEA) identified the 20 SMI enterprises which will benefit from this activity and agreed on the methodology for the following steps (see illustration below). Having realized a few pilot audits for testing the audit protocol during site visits in October 2014, the consultant is currently carrying out the environmental audits of the 20 selected sites throughout the West Bank, as part of phase 1 of this activity. It is expected that this activity will be finalized in May 2015.