Training environmental assessments (regional)

This activity aims at providing a regional training on environmental and social assessments, as requested by the Beneficiaries. The training takes place during one English-speaking and one French-speaking seminar which will give the Beneficiaries the opportunity to learn about the functions and usefulness of existing tools and about best practices concerning the realization of different types of environmental assessments.

The workshop objectives are to enable participants to:

  • Understand the basics of Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) of projects and Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) of plans, programs and policies
  • Identify the instances where ESA or SESA are required
  • Identify the information sources on ESA/SESA good practice
  • Start managing the preparation, approval and follow-up of ESA and SESA
  • Champion improvements in the design and implementation of environmental and social assessments in their countries and the impact on decision-making of improved ESA analytical work

Target audience :

  • Mix of Government officials, private sector and civil society representatives
  • Professionals working on development issues, either from the sustainable development or from the sectoral development community
  • Individuals interested in the topic and willing to use the acquired knowledge once back in their home country and in their jobs
Report of the English-speaking Training

Report of the French-speaking Training

Guidebook on ESA + SESA