Systems of Environmental Impact Assessments (MA)

This activity aims to realize an assessment of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) systems in Morocco.

The objective of this assessment is to determine, where possible, the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the Regional Committee for Environmental Impact Studies and compliance with regulations and procedures formalized in the Impact Studies framework.

Also, the assessment will identify the constraints encountered in the evaluation of EIA reports, the application of public consultation, as well as the coordination of work between the Secretariat of the Regional Committee for Environmental Impact Studies, the Presidency and other members of the Regional Committee.

The specific objectives of this activity are to:

  • Assess the implementation of the EIA procedure by the Regional Committees for Environmental Impact Studies, in the regions of Oriental and Tazat-Taounate El Houceima, and propose recommendations to address any problems and improve this procedure.
  • Carry out a comparative analysis with a country of the northern shore of the Mediterranean to share experiences and lessons learned for improving EIA processes.
  • Analyze the adequacy of human and material resources available to the Secretariat of the Regional Committee with the objectives.

Terms of reference (in French)