Supporting Industrial Pollution Abatement (PS)

The general objective of the consultancy is to foster the integration of environmental issues into the stone and marble industry (SMI) in West Bank by strengthening national capacities and practices for assessing environmental impacts of the SMI and adopting clean and sustainable production and pollution abatement technologies.

The specific objectives of the consultancy are the following:

  • Conduct environmental audits for 20 SMI companies/ establishments in West Bank, selected amongst the most polluting ones;
  • Develop environmental management and compliance action plans for the selected industries, defining the best measures and technologies for abating typical pollution stemming from extractive industries: noise, fugitive dust, ground vibration if blasting is part of the operation, mineralized waste waters, interception of ground waters, management of overburden and interburden, and traffic congestion;
  • Prepare detailed technical and financial designs for the needed pollution abatement technologies/equipment;
  • Prepare bankable proposals for the most priority abatement projects and support EQA’s fundraising efforts with the international donor community active in West Bank;
  • Strengthen institutional and technical capacities through guidelines and trainings on environmental auditing and compliance planning ;
  • Assess and recommend a sustainable domestic incentive mechanism to support private investments in pollution reduction technologies.


Final report

Generic Technical Guidance for Rapid Environmental Assessment, Environmental Management Plans and Compliance Action Plans: English - Arabic

Terms of reference



Kick-off for industrial pollution abatement in West Bank’s stone and marble sector, 21st October 2014