Strategic environmental planning (EG)

The overall objective of this activity is to provide a strategic framework for mainstreaming and addressing major environmental issues within 6 key development sectors in Egypt (Water, Energy, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Human Settlements, and Solid Waste) while supporting the transition towards a Green and Sustainable Economy.

More specifically, the activity aims at assisting the Government of Egypt with initiating the revision of the National Environment Strategy and Action Plan for the period 2017-2022 by conducting the following actions:

  • Review the current status of environment as well as sectoral and cross-sectoral environmental strategies and plans in Egypt for sectors such as water and sanitation, biodiversity, solid waste, etc.
  • Assist EEAA in preparing a cross-cutting Environmental Strategic Planning process through inter-institutional policy dialogue and multi-stakeholder consultations
  • Conduct a gap analysis and formulate strategic directions for future environmental actions
  • Develop a 2-year Roadmap that will serve as a basis for the revision of the NEAP

Integrating environmental considerations in five priority sectors: water, energy, agriculture, biodiversity, human settlements, and solid waste