Prosecutors’ network marine pollution (regional)

The issue of environmental law enforcement has been identified in recent years a key element to be addressed in order to limit the degradation of natural resources, which, in turn, severely endangered the sustainable development of countries. These difficulties have been identified in other Regional Agreements and a collaborative approach has been undertaken through the building of adequate networks such as the North Sea Network of investigators and prosecutors (NSN) within the framework of the OSPAR Convention or the Environment prosecutors network (ENPRO) of the Helsinki Convention. Although the feasibility and scope of such a network have been explored by preliminary meetings held under the auspices of The World Bank in 2009, 2010 and 2011, this Mediterranean network has not yet been formally established.

Therefore, this activity aims at:

  1. The organization of an annual network meeting: The first meeting which is tentatively scheduled to take place in June 2013 will aim at formally establishing and institutionalizing the network which should have a clear regional dimension. In order to attract more interest, consideration is also given to organize in parallel a coordinated aerial surveillance operation (not financed through the Project).
    • The outcome of the meeting should be an agreement on the terms of reference of the network as well as on its governance structure;
    • A program of work and budget should be discussed;
    • As a first concrete activity the meeting could discuss, amend and adopt the draft reporting format which was distributed during the 2011 Meeting.
  2. The setting up of a dedicated website to facilitate the exchange of information and educational material between the members of the network.


Meeting report