Participation of local actors (MA, TN)

The activity “Participation of local actors in the environmental management” aims at integrating and facilitating the participative dimension of local environmental management and sustainable development projects in Tunisia and Morocco.

The activity has the following objectives:

  • Organization, facilitation and follow-up of participative multi-actor workshops, based on the principle learning by doing, and aiming at strengthening capacities of local actors (local communities, economic actors and private companies, social society and NGO’s, researchers and universities) in the field of inclusive participation for the promotion of local development and territorial governance applied to strategic spatial planning of pilot sites: ICZM project sites, coastal cities or agglomerations, tourist destinations and their hinterland, protected areas, forest areas, etc.
  • Technical assistance and valorization of the activity’s results though drafting (i) a methodological guidebook (including methodological sheets and practical tools), as well as (ii) a good practice manual based on experiences made and lessons learned, made available for all Mediterranean countries for regional experience sharing.

Terms of references of the activity (in French)

Presentation note (in French)

Methodological guide (in French)

Lessons learned and good practices (in French)