Observatories and indicators of the environment (MA, TN)

This activity has the following specific objectives, in Morocco and Tunisia:

  • Assist the Moroccan Regional Observatories of the Environment and Sustainable Development (OREDD) to develop partnerships with stakeholders for the establishment and development of an information exchange platform between the partners at local, national and regional level;
  • Analysis of the operating procedures of the Moroccan OREDD and identification of measures and tools for improvement;
  • Analysis of the operating procedures of the Tunisian Observatory for Environment and Sustainable Development (OTEDD) and identification of measures to strengthen the institutional and organizational development of OTEDD at the central and regional levels.
  • Exchange of experiences at the Mediterranean level and networking with other observatories in the Mediterranean region.


Functional analysis of the Moroccan regional observatories of the environment (in French)

Analysis of the Tunisian environmental information system and action plan for its enhancement​  (in French)

Report on the study tour to France​ (in French)

Report on the capacity building workshop​  (in French)

Activity summary in Arabic, English, French​

Terms of reference (in French)