Mapping and controlling of pollution sources (PS)

The overall objective of this activity is to safeguard the Palestinian environment through:

  • Enhancing cooperation between the key stakeholders, Ministry of Environment Affaires, Ministry of National Economy and private sector, Ministry of local Government and Palestinian Water Authority;
  • Highlighting the most environmentally vulnerable spots and highly polluted areas and implement solutions for these hot spots.

In particular, the activity includes the following steps:

  1. Assess, update and establish baseline data on the number, classifications, categories and types of industrial enterprises and administrative data, such as number of employees, etc.;
  2. Defining the gaps and perform complementary survey on pollution sources with GIS techniques (industrial, waste water, land fill, etc.);
  3. Develop environmental conditions (check list) for selected industries;
  4. Establish and/or update national by-laws and specific rules and guidelines for industrial emissions of selected heavy polluters [liquid, gaseous and solid wastes emissions];
  5. Develop and conduct specialized training and awareness programs about cleaner production principles for industrial production streams within selected industrial heavy polluters [e.g. pharmaceutical, tanning, stone cutting and olive mills];
  6. Develop Environmental Map and Mapping of environmental hot spots (wastewater treatment plants, wastewater discharge points, random dumping, sanitary landfills, charcoal industry,..) using GIS, GPS and presenting them on a map;
  7. Selecting pilot from the polluted industries and carry out environmental auditing;
  8. Applying cleaner production principles to reduce pollution emissions taking stone cutting industry as a case study; and
  9. Development and implementation of an environmental mapping web portal.


Industrial loads assessment Vol. 1

Industrial loads assessment Vol. 2

Policy and technical guidelines for monitoring and reporting pollutant releases and transfers

Identification of Priority Pollution Hotspots and Sensitive Areas in Palestine

Terms of reference


Developing a National Database of industrial pollution for Palestine: Inception workshop,West Bank, November 22, 2014