Green Economy workshop

This activity includes two components:

  1. The Beneficiaries’ participation at the “Conference-Forum: Towards Green Economy in the Mediterranean Region? Environment as an opportunity for jobs creation and growth”, which took place on May 23rd and 24th, 2012 in Marseille (France); and
  2. A working session on green growth organized back-to-back with the conference-forum.

The general objectives of this activity are the following:

  1. Enabling all participants to learn more about green growth in the Mediterranean region and to encourage a rich discussion on green growth between the Project’s Beneficiaries;
  2. Creating a common knowledge basis on green growth;
  3. Enabling the Project’s Beneficiaries to identify specific activities to foster green growth in their countries and in the Mediterranean region; and
  4. Enabling participants to identify activities related to green growth to be carried out under the Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation Project.

The activities’ terms of reference

2012 MedReport: toward green growth in Mediterranean countries

Report of the workshop on green economy, Marseille, 24 May 2012