Socio-economic evaluation of maritime activities (regional)

This activity aims at:

  • Contributing to the awareness-raising of decision-makers concerning the importance of Mediterranean economic maritime activities, the ecosystems they depend on and on which they have an impact;
  • Promoting the progressive appropriation of environmental assessment principles and integration of systematic environmental and socio-economic evaluation into national policy-making;
  • Contributing to the elaboration of common methods for such socioeconomic assessments adapted to the Mediterranean countries.


  • Establishing national analyses for four pilot countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia; as well as a comparative synthesis report of the results of the three national analyses, describing the present situation and the perspectives of Mediterranean maritime economic activities with regard to their socio-economic and environmental characteristics;
  • Taking into account ecosystem services that support the maritime economic activities as well as the pressures and impacts these activities exert on marine ecosystems and human welfare;
  • Assessing the cost of degradation linked to the bad state of the marine and coastal environment under the jurisdiction of the countries;
  • Deducting indications on the sustainability and development of maritime economic activities; and
  • Formulating recommendations addressing (i) public policies  and (ii) methodological guidance for similar socio-economic evaluations in the Mediterranean region; by reporting to the regional correspondence group for economic and social analyses, (COR-ESA).


Activity’s terms of reference

Final report Lebanon

Final report Morocco (in French)

Final report Tunisia (in French)

Final report Egypt: English - Arabic

Regional synthesis: English - French - Arabic