Environmental Map (TN)

The Tunisian Observatory for Environment and Sustainable Development (OTEDD) is a permanent structure for the collection, production, analysis, management and dissemination of information on the state of the environment and sustainable development, and to help decisions makers to take into account environmental protection and development requirements.

In order to process geo-referenced data, OTEDD has a Geographic Information System unit with a rich data base of localized data covering the national territory.

In the same context, OTEDD also started the development of the environmental map of Tunisia in 2007. A first map including environmental infrastructure was published in 2007.

This activity now aims at developing the national information system on the environment and sustainable development through the implementation of the environmental map.

The main components of this activity are:

  • The development of a design study of the environmental information map with all its components from the methodology of implementation through its implementation to the data collection and data loading into the system.
  • The design and implementation of the software application to ensure the exploitation of the environmental map using Web-GIS.
  • Capacity building of OTEDD personnel to manage the daily operation of the information system of the environmental map.

Terms of reference (in French)